Lhasa Apso World Congress

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Lhasa Apso Congress program

The Congress will be held on Friday 25-9-2020.

Location is the "Cafe Cascade" building situated on top of the Cauberg Mountain in Valkenburg. It has a nice, spacious congress hall , free parking, as well as bar and lunch facilities. The building is located near the forest and surrounded by great area for Lhasas to run free.

Programme: (provisory timetable)

08.30   Registration with coffee/tea /  Welcome speech

09.00   Christofer Habig: " The Lhasa Apso: A Breed like a Brand - the modern way to protect an old type of dog "

09.45    Roundtable discussion:  A Breed like a Brand

10.00    Frank van Tatenhove: interactive " Breeding the Lhasa Apso "

11.00     ECVO DR G. Storms: What is ECVO research and what is this institute?

12.00   Lunch break and dog walking

13.30   Paul Stanton: " The Lhasa Apso in details and history "

15.00   Refreshment break

15.15   John Wauben: Judging, reports and exaggerations in the breeds

16.30   Roundtable discussion

17.30   Closing ceremony by the Chairman Frank van Tatenhove

We are looking the option for Thursday events: Valkenburg City tour! and Visit to Limestone cave!

updates coming up

For all correspondence email adress: lhasaapsoworldcongress@gmail.com

Because we have so many attendings already we will start to pre-register:

you can PRE-REGISTER here !!