1st Lhasa Apso World Congress

hosted by the Lhasa Apso Club Nederland

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Mrs Glenys Dolphin, Mr Christofer Habig and Mr Paul Stanton





Mr Frank van Tatenhove



Mrs Nevenka Skavic


For all correspondence email adress: lhasaapsoworldcongress@gmail.com

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Mrs Uschi Eisner Austria
Mrs Lydie Estru France
Ms Barbara Wood USA
Mrs Jose Zijlmans Netherlands
Mr Martin Baskaran Spain
Mr Svein Helgesen Norway
Ms. Anna Ravila Finland

Ms Barbara Wood works in cooperation with Mrs Linda Crabill Byrne.

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1st World Congress HOSTED by the Lhasa Apso Club Nederland


1st WORLD CONGRESS 25 September 2020

during Int. Dogshow Maastricht at the MECC 26/27 September 2020

Congress location Cafe Cascade Valkenburg, Netherlands




The Lhasa Apso from Tibet belongs to those ancient dog breeds which have been drastically changed over the last 30 years. The true and original Tibetan type has been widely lost by now. Only a few breeders around the world are left who are preserving the unique character of this ancient breeds personality, type, confirmation, movement, coat and size.

The Lhasa Apso as a cultural ambassador of Tibet and has been pushed aside more and more in favour of artificially designed coat-dominated dogs of mostly wrong balance, wrong heads, untypical expressions and alien movements.

The independence and charisma of the true Apso personality has been massively neglected towards promoting 'simple, dull and plain' features.



I am happy for the fact there are still Lhasa Apso breeders which are not neglecting the roots of our beloved breed and try to do the breeding within the breedstandard!

In this modern world we can be happy that we have Lhasa Apso breeders using breeding experience to have the classic type with a little modern factor, needed for the world society nowadays, without losing the eye for the origin of the breed.

Breedclubs have to communicate a lot more as they do right now and share experience and insights about our beloved breed in all aspects.

Breeders have to be educated, the time when our pioneers educate local breeders and those who wanted to learn is far behind us, as the internet took over this role, scanning pictures, belief fake stories and this takes his toll.

Lifely experience and touch cannot be learn online, sharing know how in the right way have two aspects, alive and in theory.

Important is that we notice and understand what we are doing with our Lhasa breed, especially when the Lhasa is used as a winner tool in the show ring.

Self-reflection: you hold yourself a mirror to reflect on how you make your breeding decisions, the choices you make in male and females to breed, what skills you use and how that responsibility feels.

This is why the undersigned enthusiasts - breeders as well as judges - and all others supporting this cause are rallying behind the initiative of running the "1st Lhasa Apso World Congress" to preserve the breed for the future...

Mr. Frank van Tatenhove,  Mrs. Nevenka Skavic, Mrs. Glenys Dolphin, Mr. Christofer Habig and Mr. Paul Stanton 


dated 27-11-2018